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Bring Harmony to the World Around Your Phone

Smartphones. They are that extra life-giving vital organ we have that we just don’t learn about in science. While smartphones make our day-to-day easier, they can also bring about anxiety – just look at Candy Crush players who can’t seem to break level 65.
Jokes aside, there are several ways to bring harmony to the world around your smartphone.

I have way too many apps

There are two kinds of smartphone owners. The first are those who are totally okay with having a million apps on their home screens and the second kind are the users who organize apps into folders or hide the ones they don’t use – the latter group has the right idea.
Here’s how to Marie Kondo your phone. We don’t realize it, but the chaos in an unorganized app drawer or home screen can bring about stress and anxiety, especially if you’re needing to quickly find the app you want. Organizing apps into folders, by colours or alphabetically eases things and makes your experience more pleasant and efficient. Take things a step further- If they don’t spark joy, do as Marie does and delete them.

It’s going to cost more to fix it than replace it

Three letters one dreads most: BER – or “beyond economical repair”. This means that your device may cost more to repair than it would to replace it. This occurs primarily with complex and internal component issues. Unfortunately, it happens, and some smartphone owners with attachment issues (it’s okay, we get it!) have to know when to take a step back, remember the good times and consider buying a new device.

At weFix, we’ll happily properly dispose of any eWaste you may have, and we often recommend this with devices that are BER for safety reasons and to ensure the devices are disposed of ethically through eWaste, to help reduce its impact on our environment. Alternatively, several waste drop-off points also accept eWaste and other electronics.
If you need to get a new phone and don’t want to break the bank, then why not look into getting an i2 device? It’s much more affordable than a brand new device and is as good as new. See, we’re in the business of helping you move on.

Finally, I can afford that iPhone 6

Okay, jokes overused. But that’s the reality in today’s smartphone rat race.

Just when is the right time to upgrade? 

With smartphone innovation slowing down it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify an upgrade even after just two years. Admittedly, the iPhone 5s still holds up. The Samsung S7 too. So is it worth shelling out extra money or continuing your smartphone contract for an incremental upgrade? Several industry experts agree that the only reason you should be upgrading (especially in this day and age) is when your device is no longer supported by the manufacturer updates. That being said, older iPhones do still get updates.

We've touched on just a few ways you can de-stress your smartphone life. You don't have to go through it alone though - we're happy to take on some of the burden, whether it's to get your device back in tip-top shape or even picking up an accessory to simplify the world around your smartphone. Chat to us by visiting any one of our stores, or pop us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

*i2 stock available at selected weFix outlets. Please check social media pages for promotions.