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Why Smartphone Software Updates are Important

Do you ever feel like your smartphone nags you about software updates and you just flick away the notification because you feel it’s not important? You may want to rethink that decision. A 2017 study has revealed that as many as 98% of Android users and around 35% of iOS do not update their smartphones with the latest update. Eish.

Those numbers are pretty shocking. But it’s easy to ignore an update because – frankly – manufacturers also don’t seem to stress the importance of it either. The primary reason why software updates are important is security. Remember that iOS bug at the beginning of 2019 that allowed FaceTime calls to listen to microphones in the receiving person’s device without them needing to answer? Yeah, that was a real thing – a really scary thing. That particular issue was solved with a system update. However, Apple – and other device manufacturers - can’t entirely force an update on a user. This needs to be done by the user themselves, and oftentimes the end-user simply could not be bothered.

We do absolutely everything on our phones, from simple tasks like connecting with loved ones to incredibly sensitive information like emails and online banking. Those last two are like Christmas to hackers, and not of the Nigerian prince variety either. We’re talking serious you-clicked-on-a-link-and-now-they’re-in kinda hacking and sometimes there’s no way of telling whether you’ve let someone in to your device, and even if you eventually discover it may already be too late. Hackers thrive on the weakness of some apps’ security and they take advantage of it.

So how do you solve the issue of hackers and other sorts of viruses and malware getting into your smartphone? Constant updates. iOS and Android both regularly send software updates over the air that may address certain security issues and patch your device with the latest cure but sometimes these updates also improve performance on your device, like adding further optimization for your battery or data, as well as preparing your device for that next monster update bit-by-bit. You can have your device check for updates regularly or turn on automatic updates. Take protection a step further by installing anti-virus software that can be your device’s last-ditch effort to malicious files and data.

The importance of software updates is something that should be taken seriously. Sometimes, it’s a small update of a couple of megabytes and sometimes it’s 1GB. Whatever the size, take the time to understand the critical nature of why updates are pushed to smartphones. weFix understands this, and if you are in possession of an iOS device, we’re offering…