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Tech Tuesday Roundup – robot cheetahs, router worries and laser smartphones

Believe it or not, it’s June. But before we head into the cold winter months of SA, there were some big tech announcements, news and reveals this past week, and we’ve wrapped it all up nicely for your convenience:

Solution iBug in iMessage – Apple’s messaging platform iMessage was plagued with a bug last week, affecting iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches, but the company has issued a workaround for the problem. Read more here.

A piece of the Pi – The chipmaker of the affordable Rasberry Pi micro computer, Broadcom, has been bought out by Avago for a landmark $37bn deal. That should help them pay off their electrical bills. Read more here.

Blocked again – Adblock Plus, the browser extention that kills ads on websites for users, wins another court battle against annoyed advertisers who are losing exposure. A German court ruled in favour of the little guy for the second time in a month. Read more here.

Can you outrun a robot cheetah? Probably not – In a video released last week, an MIT team shows off their DARPA-funded, four-legged harbinger of terror approaching and clearing obstacles up to 18 inches tall while maintaing an average speed of 8 km/h. Yip, we’re dead. Read more here.

Microsoft no snob – Microsoft has addressed app developers:, saying that overpriced apps and games are not welcome on Windows’ mobile platform, and have further introduced a new policy that could force Windows devs to make apps cheaper. Read more here.

BlackBerry and Microsoft? The rumours of Apple buyign BlackBerry seem to have subsided, but now a worldwide job cull from BlackBerry have stirred up rumours that Microsoft may make the acquisition. Read more here.

IBM staff can now ditch their Windows PC in favour of a MacBook – Staff at IBM have been given the go-ahead to switch out their PCs for Macs. In other news, hell has frozen over. Read more here.

Lenovo smart cast – In an attempt to make smartphones more PC-like, Lenovo has also unveiled the world’s first handset with a built-in laser projector. Read more here.

Samsung to begin production of 10nm FinFET chips soon – Samsung’s plans for domination are looking highly ambitious. After refusing to incorporate Snapdragon 810 in its flagship duo and choosing to produce its own custom core, 10 nm node production is the next objective that Samsung intends on completing. Read more here.

Is your Router safe? Cyber criminals have developed a new tool to divert router DNS addresses to rogue alternatives, using exploits that in some cases date back to 2008. Read more here.