Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

20% remaining, 10% remaining, connect to power – a low battery can induce instant anxiety into the best of us. Take our notes to ensure a happy, long-lasting connection until dead battery do you part. 

Genesis. Switching on for the first time? Charge your battery to 100% and use it until 5%, then charge back up to 100% and you’re all set. 

Not too hot and not too cold. When it comes to temperature, avoid the extremes and keep it optimal between 0oC and 35oC. Turn off the brights. Take your screen’s brightness down a notch or two to preserve power. Make sure Auto-Brightness is set to off. Go wireless. Switch to Wi-Fi and disable your mobile data where possible. 3G and 4G chews up your battery’s enerG. 

Prep for hibernation. If you plan on storing your device for a long period, do so when the battery is at 50%. Recharge it every 6 months to 50% to preserve your battery’s strength. 

Don’t slack. Don’t wait until you reach 0% – plug it in at 20%. 

Wet = bad. Liquid damage may effect the quality of your battery. No pool parties for your device.

Pre-Loved Devices: All of our Pre-loved devices come with a min 80% battery life and your battery is covered under our 1 year warranty.