weFix Store Safety Protocol


Our Service Commitment:

Our stores are open and we've ramped up our Collect & Deliver service to help our customers stay connected.

It is the duty of all South Africans to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers and limit the spread of Covid-19.

To ensure this we have implemented the below health & safety protocols inline with the guidelines of the South African Government and World Health Organization. For more information on COVID-19 please visit


weFix Store Protocol

  • All staff have been trained and equipped with regulatory PPE equipment and protocols.
  • Temperature screening and recording is done daily.
  • The store is cleaned with sanitizer solution twice per day.
  • No staff member or customer may leave their home or enter the store without the use of a mask.
  • Customers details must be captured on the Visitors Register (Our customer service agent will capture these details for you to avoid sharing of pens).
  • Customers will need to sanitize their hands when entering the store.
  • Staff will sanitize their hands after each contact point as well as every 30 minutes throughout the day.
  • Booking in of devices
  • All workstations and high traffic points are cleaned and wipe with sanitizer solution after each contact point.
  • Customers must be supervised at all times as they move through designated parts of the store to ensure that social distancing of 1.5 meters protocol is maintained.
  • Protocols have been implemented to ensure the transfer of devices is as contact free as possible, where contact is needed, sanitization of hands and devices are done.
  • The customer service agent must spray and sanitize the counter BEFORE and AFTER each customer as well as sanitize their hands before and after each dealing with a customer.
  • A customer who is booking in a device must place their device on the counter and step back to 1.5 meters.
  • The customer service agent will then sanitize the device with sanitizer solution on a cloth and do the quality checks for book in.
  • The device will then be sanitized again before being placed in an ESD bag.
  • The customer service agent will then continue with the book in process and capture the customers details.


  • The collection of devices
  • When a customer is collecting, the device must be sanitized in front of the customer and placed on the sterilized counter for the customer to pick up and check.
  • Payment points will be sanitized before and after each contact and we encourage the use of OZOW payments which is a contact free and secure online payment portal.
  • For more information on OZOW payments click here.
  • No transfer of paper will be allowed, the customer's invoice will be emailed to them.


For any queries or questions, email us on and we would be happy to assist you.