weFix Repair Terms & Conditions


When we repair your device, we may need to restore it to its original factory settings to complete the repair. Please back up your data so that it is not lost. To enable us to restore your phone to its factory settings you will need to turn off the Find my iPhone feature.


2.1. When you bring in your device for repair, we’ll need to inspect it to determine what’s wrong with it. For that we charge the following consultation fees, even if your device is beyond economical repair:

2.1.1. R179 for mobile phones and tablets

2.1.2. R499 per hour for Apple MacBooks and iMacs

2.2. If you let us repair the smart device, the consultation fee falls away. This does not apply to the Mac and iMac consultation fees

2.3. We will give you a quote for the repairs. We will automatically start with repairs under R500, but if the quote is for R500 or more, you must accept the quote before we begin. Our quotes are valid for seven days.

2.4. If you accept our quote but decide not to leave your device with us while we order parts for the repair, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated repair value.

2.5. You must pay the repair and replacement part fee before we will release your device.


3.1. We use only high-quality manufacturer compatible parts. We will give you a warranty on our replacement parts and workmanship from the date of repair for:

3.1.1. one year on Apple iPhone screen replacement;

3.1.2. six months on Apple battery replacements; and

3.1.3. three months on all other device parts and repairs.

3.2. Our warranty will be voided if someone else repairs the device, or if it is damaged after we have repaired it. Device damage that will void the warranty includes dents, cracks, burns, scratches, liquid damage, viruses, and malware.

3.3. Our warranty is part of the agreement we have with you, and you cannot transfer it to someone else by, for instance, selling the device.


4.1. We take great care when we repair a device, but devices are delicate, and opening them up may cause additional damage, or may reveal damage that you were not aware of. When you entrust your device to us you do so at your own risk. You cannot hold us responsible for:

4.1.1 Any data loss

You can avoid any data loss by backing up your device before you book it in.

4.1.2 Further damage to the device or further loss of functionality when we inspect the already damaged device, open it, or remove the screen or the battery.  If your device was damaged by impact (typically you would have a cracked screen or a bent back cover), the impact may have caused internal component failure on your device and main board. To assess the extent of the impact damage we may need to open the device and remove the screen, battery or other contents, and this may cause further damage. Screens and screen protectors are especially fragile and will crack further when they are removed.

4.1.3 Further damage to the device or further loss of functionality when we work on the device.  The back cover of your smart device holds everything together. If it is bent or dented, it may affect the replacement of your screen or battery. Where possible we will try and remove dents from corners or sides, if this is not possible, we will quote you for a new back cover. We cannot be held liable for
workmanship warranty if the back cover is bent or dented. It is not always possible for us to source back covers, but where possible we will do so. Working on the microscopic components on the motherboard is very delicate and complex, and in some instances is not successful which could result in reduced or no functionality on your device. In some instances, it may be more cost effective for you to replace the device than to repair it.

4.1.4 Not being able to source replacement parts.

4.1.5 Not being able to repair your device

Some devices cannot be repaired. We will let you know if it is time to let go. Touch ID is built into the home button on some devices. Replacing the home button will not revive your touch ID functionality if it was not working when you booked in your device. And, if the home button needs to be replaced, the touch ID functionality will be lost. The best way to repair a device that has suffered liquid damage is to replace all the internal components. Water and electronics simply don’t mix. The extent of the damage is unpredictable, and your phone may continue to work well, or suddenly malfunction. And there’s no telling when that might be, or what could go wrong.

4.2. We are not an authorised Apple or Huawei service provider. We will give you a warranty on the replacement parts we use, but you will void your manufacturer’s warranty if we repair your Apple or Huawei device. If you still have your manufacturer’s warranty you should have the manufacturer repair your device. If your warranty has expired, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting us work our magic on your device.

4.3. When we repair Apple devices, the IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) will be lost, in other words your device will no longer have a water and dust resistance rating.

4.4. We may not be able to return your original damaged or faulty device components (like batteries) to you, because it is hazardous to store these components.


5.1. We will let you know when your device is ready for collection. You must collect your device within 90 days. If you don’t collect your device on time, we may sell it as parts to recover our expenses.

5.2. You must present a valid weFix job card and personal identification such as your ID, to collect your device.

5.3. Should you make a payment via EFT, your device may only be collected once the payment has cleared in our bank account.


6.1. You may return any unopened and sealed accessories within seven days of purchase. We will give you a full refund or product exchange for any product of the same value if you have the original tax invoice.

6.2. You may return any faulty accessories within six months of purchase. We will give you a full refund or product exchange for any product of the same value if you have the original tax invoice and subject to an inspection at our store which rules out any damage or abuse.

6.3. Please note that refunds may take up to 5 working days.

6.4. We reserve the right to deduct any labour fees from a refund should the refund not be a result of workmanship or faulty parts.