i2 or not to i2

i2 or not to i2

Whats a pre-loved i2? We’re going to answer this question immediately – it’s device that has passed our rigourous quality control inspection to ensure everything is working "like new" or very close to this.

The only difference, is you may notice some slight wear & tear from its previous life.  We could also end this article right here but instead, allow us to explain just why purchasing a Pre-Loved device – at weFix, is a far, far better option.

First things first, we’re not going to lie,  we cant compete with the likes of individuals on gumtree. Second-hand devices could be cheaper but keep in mind that you’re getting a second-hand device as is and often times it will be missing key functionality, may have issues with its internal components and worse… it could be stolen which will later result in your new purchase being black listed, if this happens you may as well e-waste the device.

That being said, an i2 device could be sat next to a brand new iPhone and you’d really need a close inspection a hard time finding a big difference in the condition. This is because i2 devices go through one million and one quality checks. Each phone goes through meticulous tests, is repaired if needed, and where needed is refaced and updated with the latest software. Absolutely everything is tested, from the audio quality, to call quality, screens, ports, docks - - everything. Once all of that is done, we tie the device up in a nice little bow (no actual bows, sorry) – and here’s the great part - for far less mooolah than a new device.

Finally, an i2 device comes with a 3-month manufacturer warranty. If you buy a second-hand device from a friend – no warranty. Gumtree – no warranty. Facebook Marketplace – no warranty.  That’s what sets our Pre-Loved and other CPOs apart – peace of mind that it has been examined and refurbished by a skilled professional and a warranty to back it up. 

Pre-Loved devices gives you the opportunity to own a flagship device at a fraction of the cost. No need to walk in to a pricey store and rack up serious debt on a brand new phone, where a cost-effective almost-new i2 will work just as well. Now available from wefixshop.co.za, with a range of Pre-Loved iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and Samsungs.