Our Favourite Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Our Favourite Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Smartwatches. Yes, they’re still around and in fact they’re more popular than they have ever been before. No longer are they just an extension for notifications and answering calls you want nothing to do with, they’ve evolved into something of a companion for many people. At the forefront of smartwatch technology and surging ahead of the competition is the Apple Watch series. The device supports a plethora of health and fitness app and while we’re in the thick of running season, let’s run down some of our favourites:


Apple’s own ‘Activity’ and ‘Workout’ Apps

The Apple Watch is the perfect gym companion and its built-in apps offer a great look into how you’re progressing with your fitness routine. With the apps, you’re able to monitor the usual – calories burned, steps walked and your BPM – along with scheduling in workouts including running, cycling, swimming and more, each coming in with various goals and milestones.


Strava is for serious health and fitness fundis as the app helps you monitor various aspects of your fitness over time. Strava users are able to set goals and with a connected community, can compare their own progress against people who have similar goals. Our favourite feature, however, is the app using GPS to show the average runtime of other runners on the same route. How dope? Couple the Watch app with your iPhone’s app for a more feature-rich experience.

Nike+ Run Club

Previously available for the iPhone and Android devices only, the popular Nike+ Run Club app has expanded to a standalone Apple Watch version. The app features GPS tracking, audio-guided runs, challenges, personalized coaching plans, trophies and badges, leaderboards and community features that let you cheer on friends and share your runs with others.

Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout is a rather simple app. It provides you with several exercise and workouts of varying difficulty and once you’re done, you simply tap on the screen. There are 30 equipment-free exercises to choose from, though you can also create custom exercises based on your goals. The app can also be tethered to an Apple Music account and will play workout music while you’re in you’re getting in some crunches, knee raises or lunges.

Sworkit Fitness

Whether you’re a beginner or a full-on athlete, Sworkit Fitness is for everyone. The app has a user base of over 50 million and also offers additional features and programs via a subscription service that ranges from $2.99 for a monthly subscription to $19.99 for a yearly one. Sworkit offers a 6-week program that will help you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals and comes with a massive database of workouts which you can do virtually anywhere – even at the office.

These are just a handful of the Apple Watch health and fitness apps that are out there and each will offer a varying degree of features and experiences for the newbies or the experienced athletes.
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